Yeah….pretty much.  So last week and this week has been filled with listening and reading and listening and reading and listening and reading to finance gurus.

Mr. Money Moustache

JL Collins

Mad Fientist

Millionaire Educator

Root of Good

Mike & Lauren


My friends and I are obsessed.  There is not a day that has gone by that we haven’t talked about finances.  It’s like a disease.  Once we focused on what this shit REALLY is and the fact that it can actually change our lives…Holy fuck.  All we can talk about is doing the damn thing.

The watching these two videos about Elizabeth White sent us into a tailspin.  OMG!!! That could be us we said.  Nuh-uh.  Nope.  Shit on that.


So now we’re in EDUCATION MODE.  What the hell is an IRA v. ROTH IRA, taxable v. nontaxable accounts, an IRA conversion ladder, etc…

But boy oh boy have we had an epiphany about the 457b!!!!!!

So I know in a prior post I stated that I would pay more attention to my deferred comp (457b) account later…well….REMIX!!!  That’s the lick.  I been sleeping on that.  This podcast put it on the map!!!  Millionaire Educator got my mind right so the deposits I was making in Vanguard is going to be going into the 457b…and I’ll have to reduce my vanguard deposits for now until I get this debt under control.


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